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To the United States

Overseas visitors who wish to visit the United States usually require a visa. Most people come to the United States for business or tourism; others, taking advantage of highly skilled American medical facilities, may come to the United States for medical treatment. In general, a visa application asks the individual to state the purpose and length of the visit. It also asks for proof that the applicant has a domicile outside the United States, along with binding ties such as family members; this is to ensure that he or she plans to return home after the visit.

To obtain a visa, a foreign visitor must submit an application form with a nonrefundable $45; a valid passport, and two photographs 1.5 inches square. Some 29 countries around the world participate in the Visa Waiver Program, which allows visitors to travel without applying for a visa. These countries include most of Western Europe, as well as such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, and Iceland. Travelers visiting under the Visa Waiver Program may only stay for 90 days and must submit proof of financial solvency. Overseas travelers can get information from the nearest U. S. Embassy office, or they can visit http://travel.state.gov/visa;visitors.html.

Travel agents are often able to provide many of the forms and applications necessary, in addition to updated travel guidelines and advisories.

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