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No-Fee Passports

Certain travelers may be able to receive a passport free of charge, known as a “nofee” passport. Those eligible for no-fee passports include members of the armed services and their dependents, diplomats or other government officials, family members of a deceased member of the U. S. Armed Forces, and Peace Corps volunteers. (Anyone who applies for a no-fee passport in person may have to pay the $15 execution fee, but that fee can be waived.) Essentially these passports are sponsored by the agency or group that the applicant represents.

The no-fee passport is valid only for specific travel. Peace Corps volunteers can use no-fee passports to go to and from the countries in which they are working. Members of a deceased soldier’s family must be traveling to visit that soldier’s grave. Diplomats and other government officials must be traveling on government business. For personal travel, a regular passport is required. It is acceptable to hold both a regular and a no-fee passport. No-fee passports are not sent directly to the applicant; they are mailed to the sponsoring organization and applicants must pick them up.

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